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About Technology

About Technology /  关于技术

Lei jia technical team is one of the first team in China to engage in the r&d of metal 3D printing.
Since 2002, we have independently developed the SLM molding equipment dimetal-300, dimetal-100 and dimetal-50, and developed SLM equipment system master control software, path planning software and computer aided process optimization software.
Technical advantages of lei jia team:
1. Intellectual property layout:
Since 2002, 3 d printing equipment of SLM of metal core patent layout, the more than 240 projects have applied for patents, authorized invention patent 35 projects at home and abroad, including the United States, authorized by the German patent), the utility model, the software copyright authorization, 85 appearance patents;
2. Early industrial application:
Beginning in 2007, mine better technical team start a metallic 3 d printing technology application research in oral cavity, 2011 to the first domestic 3 d printing medical equipment product certification - personalized lingual orthodontic braces (class 2), at present the product has been in the United States, Sweden, Russia and other countries certified and sales.
3. Complete product model:
Since 2002, dimetal-50, dimetal-100, dimetal-300 and dimetal-400 have been developed for the most complete domestic models.
4. Rich experience in material process:
Metal mine better DiMetal series 3 d printers, for processing materials of titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, high temperature alloy and co-cr alloy, stainless steel, steel and other metal powder, and all have the corresponding mature process parameters. The company will continue to develop richer materials to meet the needs of different customers.
5. Rich application experience:
Mine better technical team has continued to the aerospace, automotive, life sciences, oral health, and industrial users with planks, mold processing, and other fields to provide equipment and technical support, and processing services and integration solution metal material gain, has rich experience in application.
Mine better technical team in the case of design and development are: satellite antenna bracket, small air impeller, jet fuel nozzle, high-speed pantograph, automobile wheel hub adapter, medical implants, surgical guide plate, mold conformal cooling waterway insert, etc.

Rejia aims to be a long-term partner of users in different fields, providing advanced equipment to meet the different needs of customers, and providing professional, rapid technical support and business support.