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After-sale service

After-sale service /  售后服务

We have perfect pre-sale and after-sales professional service team.
Mine better since the date of establishment, we have established the professional pre-sales after-sales service team, based on high quality, efficient, professional services equipment user service tenet, also in line with the user experience of high quality, our equipment is constantly updated iterations, from the use of the experience of equipment maintenance follow-up, from the use of cost considerations to the stable to finalize the design the humanization design of equipment and so forth, we constantly innovation, constantly improve, and constantly improve...
Before sale:
According to the needs of users, we provide a comprehensive range of metal 3 d printing equipment professional consultation and sample proofing, analyze the needs of users, design the most suitable for the needs of users, to meet customer requirements.
Provide professional and technical training for users; To popularize the process knowledge of metal 3D printing equipment, and carry out the demonstration of real machine operation, provide maintenance common sense consultation, provide installation, debugging and other train services.
After sale:
According to the user's situation, the use and maintenance files of metal 3D printing equipment are set up, and the user's usage status can be mastered at any time.
Provide professional consulting services for product renewal and function improvement;
Set up metal 3D printing equipment parts warehouse to meet the needs of users to replace parts in maintenance;
Equipped with professional after-sales service team, regular visit to new and old customers and equipment maintenance.
Mine better with independent research and development team and rich experience in technology, has formed its core technical personnel to support after-sales service system, and after sales service network and agent channels all over the country, and fully meet customers all over the country for timely after-sales service, professional, and many other requirements, free maintenance warranty period. Adhering to the feelings of "embracing customers and co-prosperity", we provide value-added services such as application development for customers to help customers solve their problems. At the same time, with the government preferential policies and service support, we will cooperate with customers deeply, share multi-party resources, and enhance the customer's technical strength and brand awareness.