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Guangzhou lei jia technology co., LTD. Was established in January, 2017. It is located in the 3D printing industry park of guangzhou city, liwan district, guangzhou. Guangzhou rejia is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacture and sale of metal 3D printing equipment, as well as providing metal 3D printing service. Company will be "made in multivariate innovation, science and technology leading to add material" as the enterprise objective, adhere to the "refinement, pragmatic, innovation, win-win" concept, is committed to build to become an international leading metal 3 d printing solution provider.
Lei jia team:
Chairman: professor Yang yongqiang.

Professor of south China university of technology, doctoral supervisor. The executive director of China institute of mechanical engineering, and the director of the special committee on additive manufacturing design,
Director of welding branch of China association of mechanical engineering, President of guangdong province, and supervisor of laser association of guangdong province,
Chairman of welding branch of guangdong mechanical engineering society, member of China optical society laser processing professional committee,
Deputy director of laser professional committee of guangdong optical society, vice President of China 3D printing industry technology alliance,
Vice President of guangdong 3D printing technology alliance, director of guangzhou 3D printing technology alliance, etc.
Professor Yang yongqiang has done a lot of effective research on laser rapid prototyping, laser material processing, welding technology and equipment. I have undertaken and participated in the national, international cooperation and provincial and municipal scientific research projects over the years. 23 of them are project leaders. Published 110 academic papers (including 88 journal articles and 22 conference papers). In recent years, the main research work focuses on the equipment, control system, software and process development of laser rapid prototyping, laser welding, laser on-line marking machine and laser surface treatment. Research has also been carried out on lead-free solder and green manufacturing microconnection equipment and materials. In the scientific research, professor Yang yongqiang has been innovative and willing to challenge. He has successfully developed the first selection of laser melting and rapid prototyping machine in China and realized the direct and rapid prototyping and manufacturing of metal parts. At present, the metal parts direct forming project is in the industrialization stage.
General manager: he jiandong.

Master of mechanical engineering, university of bath, UK. Responsible for the r&d, application and sales market expansion of the company's products, and coordinate the overall planning of various scientific research projects.
In 2008, I joined the UK headquarters of a British company and devoted myself to mechanical design and development for many years. I have a unique understanding of the process of the production process and the various detection processes after the sequence and sequence.
In 2011, I devoted my life to the manufacturing department of metal additive manufacturing, which has a profound accumulation of application experience in dental, medical, automobile, aerospace and other industries. After returning to China in 2013, I served as the technical manager of China, responsible for the management of materials r&d department, product application department and after-sales service department of China.
In 2016, we successfully promoted the formation of the industrial chain with domestic powder enterprises as the core.
Master's degree in mechanical engineering from bath university, UK;
Joined a British company in 2008, engaged in the research and development and application of metal 3D printing technology. Since 2013, I have been the technical manager of a company in China.