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At present, the application of metal 3D printing technology in the automotive field is mainly the following three points:
1. Manufacturing parts
At the research and development stage of the car, automobile manufacturers usually spend a lot of money to equip the production line and make automobile parts. 
Since engineers must experience new parts to meet design specifications, they must repeatedly create tools and molds to produce early prototypes of parts.
These repetitive tasks often take up most of the development time, leading to a significant extension of the development cycle,and greatly increased the research and development costs. 
However, nowadays, with metal 3D printing technology, suppliers and manufacturers believe that they can save more investment and energy, continuously improve digital design, and then manufacture parts that meet specifications through advanced printers.
For some technical components with complex structures, long production cycles and even traditional production methods that are difficult to produce, the use of metal 3D printing technology to directly manufacture related parts can effectively simplify the production process, save production costs, and increase production speed and shorten production cycle.
2. Manufacturing automotive mold complex cavity
With the development and application of new automotive technologies, the shape of some related parts has become increasingly complex and the structure has resulted in the production of complex cavities and cores in the production of molds.
The use of inlays and splicing methods to achieve mold manufacturing is not only complicated but also has a long production cycle. 
By using metal 3D printing technology can complete the overall processing of the complex cavity, which can not only save production costs, but also shorten the processing time, and achieve a double increase in cost and duration.
3. To achieve lightweight automotive manufacturing
The energy conservation and emission reduction of automobiles has always been a matter of national importance. And due to the high oil prices, consumers are paying more attention to the fuel economy of the car. 
Reducing the weight of the car is an effective way to improve fuel economy. To reduce the car's own weight, the weight of the parts must be reduced first. Using metal 3D printing technology, automotive components can be lightweight and structurally designed in the early stages of design.
In the manufacturing process, metal 3D printing technology and alloy materials can be used to achieve lightweight components while ensuring their mechanical properties to achieve weight loss.

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