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Orthopedic Implant - Metal 3D Printing

Personalized knee prosthesis
The individualized prostheses and osteotomy guide plates for total knee arthroplasty are individually designed according to the patient's own joint structure characteristics and conditions and combined with metal 3D printing technology for rapid prototyping.
The effective matching of the prosthesis is effectively improved, the structure and the movement characteristics of the patient's original knee joint are highly restored, and the personalized surgical guide plate also greatly improves the precision of surgical osteotomy. Reducing the complexity of the surgery has greatly reduced the patient's pain during surgery and improved the patient's postoperative life quality.


Personalized plate for Pelvic acetabular fractures  individually designed plates differ from traditional plates in that they are fully fitted with holes in the bone surface.

Through the perfect cooperation of professional designers and Dimetal-100 metal 3D printers, personalized guides are created to make the surgery more efficient and less risky, thus reducing the harm to patients.

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