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In the traditional injection molding process, the mold temperature directly affects the quality and production efficiency of injection molding products.
Among them, the thermal residual stress is easily generated in the following two stages: one is the cooling stage of the injection molding product in the cavityand the other is the mold release from the injection molding product. 
The temperature is cooled to room temperature.  Therefore, the temperature control of the mold becomes more and more important, and it is mainly controlled and regulated by the cooling system of the mold.

The conventional mold cooling waterway mainly adopts the conventional processing method of drilling,

so the designed injection mold cooling waterway is mainly linear; 

the waterway is also subject to the restrictions of the ejector system, the core pulling mechanism, the inserting structure, the rib position, etc., 
so the mold itself The structural features also severely restrict the distribution, size, and quantity of cooling waterways.
Conformal cooling has become the preferred method for the design of complex molds. At this time, 3D printing, which takes advantages of forming complex geometries, has also become extremely useful.


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