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3D printing is currently suitable for the manufacture of parts, components, components, and parts that are small in size,and scale with high precision.
Because the characteristics of jewelry are in line with "small amount," "small size," "precision," and "complicated shapes.",therefore 3D printing is a prefect solution.
The 3D printing technology that can directly print out precious metal models, which is used in jewelry market. 
It is a process of forming a solid by using a laser heating metal powder when it has not reached the melting point.At present, the printing technology has been matured and put into production,
with personalized customization, as well as the features of saving production time and cost are increasingly popular.
Regardless of accuracy or design freedom, the advantages of direct metal printing over traditional lost-wax casting are proved increasingly.
3D printing companies are also starting to take the opportunity to launch devices that can print precious metals - users can use their gold, silver, copper, and even platinum to print jewelry according to their preferences.

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